Inland transport – your cargo door to door

Your cargo rarely begins or ends its journey at the port. We offer a strong, global intermodal service via truck, barge or rail to take your cargo from factory floor to store door. Our inland experts are located where you and your customers are, and they ensure you enjoy a faster, simpler and more reliable supply chain.

The support provided by the Maersk Team has been phenomenal, and the brand lives up to its tagline: Your promise. Delivered.

Debashish Ganguly, Deputy General Manager, Samsung Electronics

Shipping is not just about ships. Most cargo also needs to be transported inland, often at both ends of its journey. This means using multiple suppliers, and every extra link in the chain increases your workload, reduces reliability and effects transparency. That’s why we offer a full-service solution.

With an intermodal inland network that connects seamlessly with our ocean vessels, we can pick up your goods from your production site and deliver them to their final destination – wherever that happens to be – to increase the simplicity, transparency and reliability of your supply chain.

There are plenty of good reasons to ship your cargo door-to-door with us. To get started, just select Inland transportation when you book on

You get a simple supply chain

With our door-to-door service solution, you can manage most of your shipments online – from pricing and booking through to document handling and delivery – so you have more time to concentrate on other things. And, because you have one point of contact for every shipment, you always know who to call with any issues, last-minute changes or special requests, such as multi-stop drop-offs or layovers.

You get improved speed and reliability

We work with you to optimise your supply chain – both inland and by sea – and manage connections to ensure you get the fastest transfer times possible. If problems do arise, we are quick to find a solution to ensure your supply chain continues to run smoothly from end to end.

Take our work with Samsung India, for example. The company wanted to reduce inventory and warehousing costs by cutting transport times from its inland factories to its sales markets in East Asia. Our solution was to set up a just-in-time door-to-door delivery service that includes both ocean transport and a priority rail connection that reduces inland transportation time by nearly 13 days.

You get a lower carbon footprint

With industry-leading low-CO2 shipping, we help to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your entire supply chain. At sea, we employ innovative designs to reduce the carbon footprint of our ocean vessels. On land, we transport your cargo by rail whenever possible to reduce emissions.

To help you monitor your exact carbon footprint, we give you full transparency over your supply chain impacts. We also have sustainability experts around the globe who can work with you to address any specific requirements you may have.

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