Why Maersk Line?

At Maersk Line, we move more than cargo. We propel ambitions. This means that, whether you run a corner shop or a conglomerate, we have the expertise, global network and stability you need to drive your business forward.

You can ship worldwide with our global network

As the world’s largest container shipping company, we move 12 million containers every year and deliver to every corner of the globe. Our international presence and knowledge of global trade have made us the carrier of choice for the world’s biggest brands and those aspiring to be..

We provide end-to-end transportation to almost anywhere in the world. And, with 30,000 employees in 114 countries, we combine our global network with local expertise to increase the reliability of your deliveries, whether they travel by sea or over land.


You improve your sustainability performance

As the world leader in sustainable shipping, we help reduce the environmental impact of your supply chain to improve your overall environmental sustainability.

We have an ambitious target to reduce CO2 emissions from our ocean shipping by 60 percent by 2020 – we have already achieved a 43 percent reduction, so we are over halfway there – and are always looking for new ways to improve our, and your, environmental performance.

You improve your efficiency

Whether you are shipping bananas to Bahrain, shoes from Singapore or wind turbines to the West Indies, you can rest assured that we have done it before. Our expert teams are on-hand 24/7 to assist you from start to finish, and we can also analyse your operations to help streamline your logistics and supply chain

Whatever your cargo, reliability and transparency are key. So we make it simple to track your shipments, and are quick to react if anything changes. As a result, you always know where your cargo is and when it will arrive.


You get simpler shipping and logistics

The less time you spend thinking about your cargo, the more time you can spend running your business. That’s why we make shipping simple from start to finish. Our e-business solutions enable you to arrange everything online – from initial quote to tracking, freight release and delivery – for greater convenience and efficiency. And, we are always ready with advice, whether you need to know how to transport special cargo or want to get more from your inland transport network.