Partnerships to unlock growth

At Maersk Line, we do more than just move your cargo. We are a responsible business partner who help you optimise your supply chain and lower your environmental impact to give you peace of mind.

We work with customers around the globe to develop future-proof low-carbon supply chains that do not compromise on reliability, flexibility or speed. If you are looking for ways to reduce your environmental footprint, we can help you to make a real difference.

Transparency throughout your supply chain

Supply chains are often very complex and involve numerous links and suppliers. For many companies, it is not always easy to compare good and bad sustainability performance, benchmark suppliers or assess the best way to improve – even when data is readily available.

We promote transparency throughout our operations and in the container shipping industry to give you a clear understanding of how our work affects your environmental performance. We supply tailor-made and credible third-party-verified data – based on the Clean Cargo Working Group industry standard– and our in-house sustainability experts help address your individual sustainability challenges and goals.

The Clean Cargo Working Group

The Clean Cargo Working Group is a leadership initiative involving major brands, cargo carriers, and freight forwarders. The group, which Maersk Line is a member of, works to reduce the environmental impact of global transportation and to promote responsible shipping.

 The result is transparency throughout your supply chain, and lower emissions.

Make a Carbon Pact with us

In 2014, we launched the Carbon Pact initiative. The goal is to partner with selected customers to overcome one of the most important sustainability challenges facing our industry: Decoupling growth and resource consumption.

When you sign a Carbon Pact with us, we commit to meeting a CO2 reduction target together with you, and we develop a specific plan – tailored to your business – to make it happen. Are you ready for the Carbon Pact challenge?

Customer in focus: Meeting the Carbon Pact challenge with BMW

At the end of 2014, we signed a sustainability partnership BMW, committing to reduce emissions from BMW’s ocean shipping by 25 percent per container shipped by us by 2018. It is an ambitious goal, but together we can make it.

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