Important announcement for My Maersk Line users - the current site has been replaced with a new one as from 26th of October. 

Reduce unnecessary administrative costs with the all new My Maersk Line, an intuitive, flexible self-service site designed to make the processing of shipments easier than ever before.

From the 26th of October, the transfer of online business applications found on the classic (or old) My Maersk Line site to the new My Maersk Line will be complete.  This means that from this time on, all business applications (including tracking) can be found on the new platform which provides an improved experience.

 If you’re using the new site already, there’s nothing you need to do.  For those customers using the classic site today, don’t worry, you’ll be redirected to the new site automatically – the only thing you all need to do is save the new site in your favourites/bookmarks.


My Maersk Line - approved by the experts


"The new website is really good. Different experience and easy to use. I felt happy using it."

Raja'a Dobaisi, Ocean Freight Exports - Operations,
DHL Danzas Air & Ocean, Jordan

With the new My Maersk Line, you’ll find an intuitive, flexible site designed with you in mind. Process your shipments faster, reduce your costs and make your online experience easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

With enhanced functionality and the ability to see everything you need in one place, you will start to see increased data accuracy and better visibility of your shipments. It’s the new My Maersk Line, and we’ve built it based on your needs.


How does My Maersk Line provide these benefits?

  • Enhanced visibility of shipments via the Shipment Binder, a one stop location for storing everything you need to know and use to manage your business with Maersk Line.
  • A range of customisable options such as free text fields that remember your activities to speed up input based on your usage history.
  • Add reference numbers, business units or any information that will allow you to easily and more efficiently match your Maersk Line documentation to your internal PO numbers and reconcile your shipments faster and more efficiently than ever before.
  • Create bookings faster than ever before, then proceed to submit documentation and manage all your shipments in the same place.
  • When submitting your documentation, select pay terms online on a charge by charge basis and improve invoice quality in one swoop.


Not already using My Maersk Line? Why not sign up now.

  • To gain access, simply click on the yellow My Maersk Line button on and you will be directed to the My Maersk Line business application.

More details on how to register for My Maersk Line can be found here


My Maersk Line