Inland and intermodal container transport

The inland transport part of our business offers you a unique intermodal shipping service whenever and wherever you need to transport containers by both ocean and land. 

Usually there are many contact points involved in inland transport, but we are trying to change this by delivering a cost effective and reliable full-service solution. 



Convenient and reliable door-to-door service

We arrange for all transportation right from the beginning of your cargo’s journey until the very end. In other words, we will be there every step of the way - from the packing at the production site to the unloading right at the store door. 

Constantly monitoring your cargo and making sure it is delivered on time, every time.


Providing extensive coverage

In order to do this, we continuously strive towards improving our service offerings. In addition to our ocean liner products we have a comprehensive service network designed to ensure reliable inland transportation and coverage of key intermodal service points and major container ports. 

If possible, we provide coverage with our own massive “fleet” of trucks and trains. However, this is not always possible when operating in every part of the world.


Strict selection criteria for vendors

That is why we also have a strong collaboration with quality transport providers - affiliated businesses like local landside truck firms and train services that can fulfil all your trucking and logistics requirements around the globe. These all have to live up to our own strict requirements of shipping and every official vendor goes through a thorough recruitment process and continuous quality assurance monitoring. 

This way you can always expect a solid, reliable product with timely pick-up and delivery. Both on land and at sea.


Standardized intermodal containers

Intermodal containers, also known as ISO containers or shipping containers, play an essential role in intermodal shipping and container transport. 

These standardized containers are suitable for multiple modes of transport and can be transferred between different types of vehicles without unloading and reloading the contents of the containers.


We care about the environment

By innovative designs, we have reduced the carbon footprint of our ocean vessels by almost 50 percent. It is difficult to do the same on land but that does not mean we are not trying. 

For example, we are currently optimizing our train transportation options in order to reduce the number of trucks on the roads, thereby reducing our carbon footprint even more.


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