Maersk Line is the world’s largest container shipping company, operating almost 600 vessels across 130 countries.
Every day our 7,000 seafarers and 25,000 land-based employees at 374 offices share their expertise with our customers around the world to optimize their supply chains, maximize their distribution networks and most of all realize their business potential.

Our experience and industry knowledge gives us unique insights into global trade, cargo patterns and market demands. Based on this knowledge we identified twelve different cargo types that we move around the world during a specific month over the course of a year.

During 2016 we want to give you an insight into what commodities trend when; and how we deliver these special promises in their peak seasons - and in peak condition.

January: Furniture from Vietnam
Why is this furniture hub buzzing in January – and how does Maersk Line cater to the demand?

For many people, New Year means new beginnings. And with new beginnings sometimes come new furniture. Especially in this one bustling market that’s extraordinarily busy during January.

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Regardless of seasonality, cars and car parts are shipped year-round.  How does Maersk Line respond to the demand?

Cars are a popular commodity around the world, if sales figures are taken as an indication.  In the second quarter of 2015, nearly 45 million passenger and commercial vehicles were sold globally.

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There is a high demand for lamb from New Zealand particularly because of its unique flavour. What role does Maersk Line play in bringing this prized meat from pasture to your table?

Few places produce lamb as nutritious, flavourful and tender as New Zealand. The United Kingdom, in particular, has been importing New Zealand lamb for 130 years, a true testament to the superior quality that comes from naturally reared animals.

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