A brand new web platform that makes it easier to do business with us.

What's new?

New MaerskLine
Do business online

'My Maersk Line' is the new self-service site for customers to transact online. Features like the 'Shipment Binder' enables you to manage the complete lifecycle of a shipment (e.g. bookings, documentation, tracking etc.) under one roof. Other features include creating duplicate bookings, auto population of booking details, and a simple one-window view.

New MaerskLine
Information at your fingertips

The World Fact Book is a one-stop library for local Maersk Line country shipping information like cut-off times, demurrage & detention rates, rules and regulations. What's more, regardless of which local website you are on, you will have access to all the Fact Books without the need to navigate from one website to another.

New MaerskLine
Speaking your language

We want to make information relevant to you and that means there will be no global landing page. All front pages will consist of a hybrid of global and local content, which means that you will get the information that you choose and need.

New MaerskLine
Better user experience

A superior technical platform provides you with a faster browsing and navigating experience, including better integration of media via blogs, comments and social media.