Put your bananas to sleep and reach new distant markets

Steen Aunstrup · 2013/03/13 28

If you have a desire to reach more distant markets with your fresh bananas than ever before, try our StarCare™ Controlled Atmosphere container. StarCare™ CA is designed to benefit fresh products with a high level of respiration, such as bananas.

By natural respiration the bananas will absorb O2 and produce CO2. StarCare™ CA effectively maintains and controls the correct levels of these gasses, by the use of advanced CA membrane technology. Whereas auto-fresh air intake regulates oxygen levels for the optimum atmosphere. Securing that your bananas will arrive fresh and strong to your valuable customers.

Added benefits:
  • Tested with bananas for up to 50 days of transit.
  • Provides a more flexible product compared to Break Bulk.
  • Cost saving as Controlled Atmosphere eliminates the use of banavag bags.
  • Uniform ripening in the banana boxes - (remember to always ventilate CA bananas before ripening).
We look forward to carry your quality bananas and bring them fresh, firm and green to the final destination.

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Steen Aunstrup


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Commodities: Bananas, Avocados, Apples, Citrus, Technical sales, Reefer operation, Product services (e.g. Controlled Atmosphere, Cold Treatment), Reefer technologies, Remote Container-Management.

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Commodities: Bananas Avocados Apples Citrus Technical sales Reefer operation Product services (e.g. Controlled Atmosphere Cold Treatment) Reefer technologies Remote Container-Management