Good quality bananas from West Africa

Steen Aunstrup · 2013/03/13 7
Not long ago I had the opportunity to visit the Port of Antwerp to look at a small handful of reefer containers.

All of them were loaded with bananas from West Africa. Bananas from the African continent are generally considered to be slightly weaker than bananas grown and exported from Latin American countries such as Ecuador and Costa Rica.

Therefore, many shippers rightfully choose to use Controlled Atmosphere on bananas shipped from Africa, even if the transit time is relatively short (in this case just 14 days).

Controlled Atmosphere helps to maintain good quality and preserve the banana during transit. With the correct mix of Oxygen (O2) and Carbon Dioxide and of course temperature, the banana will stay more fresh, firm and green.

And such was the result of these bananas carried under Controlled Atmosphere - perfect in shape, temperature and colour.

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Commodities: Bananas Avocados Apples Citrus Technical sales Reefer operation Product services (e.g. Controlled Atmosphere Cold Treatment) Reefer technologies Remote Container-Management