Icy conditions in the Port of Saint Petersburg

Raul Saca · 2013/03/18 1

Ice won't break our supply chain

Today ice conditions from Saint Petersburg to the Lighthouse Tolbuphin are reported to be fast ice of 40-60 cm and the heart of the winter is still to come in February, when ice conditions are expected to worsen even more.

Perishable cargo requires a consistent, fast and reliable supply chain in order to keep the right balance of inventories, ensure supply to supermarkets and preserve the quality of the cargo. During the heavy winter months in Russia this is a difficult thing to do. Maersk Line has a track record of accomplishing timely deliveries of cargo to our customers even in these harsh winter conditions. During the winter of 2010/11, the worst winter in 20 years, clients shipping with Maersk Line had no problems getting deliveries of their cargo.

First Class with Ice Class

Maersk Line’s increased flexibility during the winter is due to multiple terminal arrangements with the ports as well as preferential berthing, reefer plugs and yard capacity. Vessels on the route also have the proper Ice Class to be able to come in and out of ports covered with ice with the least amount of restrictions. If required we have support and availability of ice-breakers during these tough months so vessels are ensured quicker access to berthing windows and are thus better positioned to ensure the customer’s cargo is delivered as quickly and trouble free as possible.

Customers shipping perishables as well as other refrigerated foodstuff need not to worry, Maersk line has the experience and expertise required to maintain a timely suply chain for their products to arrive in the usual timely manner.

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