Fruit Logistica 2013

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As usual, it was a great venue to meet with most of the worldwide fruit customers in one place. It seems that most customers are cautiously optimistic about how the year is progressing and the prospects for the incumbent peak season that is about to start.

We heard most of the customers talk about the increases they are facing in production and logistics cost and their need to pass this incremental costs to their customers. Cost increases are never an easy thing to pass on to customers, but the facts are that we are all facing increases in fuel costs, labor costs, materials cost, maintenance and investment costs.

There is only so much a business can do to control cost and it comes to a point that an increase in revenues must be sought in order to cover the incremental costs.

Market trends

We have noticed that fruit prices at retail level have gone up in most markets and this is a sign that the fruit vendors are able to pass on the increase in cost to the consumers. Even though this is not a good thing for the consumers, it is necessary to be able to maintain a sustainable business and to ensure that consumers will have ample supply of quality products in the future.


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