Banana Market 2013

Raul Saca · 2013/08/26 3

Banana Market 2013

The first half of the year was a typical year for bananas except that due to lower production in some countries the price remained relatively stable. Even though supply has been low so has been demand so the market has been in check resulting in a relatively flat market but at a healthy level.

Then came the summer, this year was very unusual, production kept going down in places like Ecuador and other producing countries have not had the high production of years past so the banana market has remained stable and prices did not take the usual dive this summer. A big change from the past, when losing money in the summer was the norm.

Summer is about to be over. Kids are getting prepared to go back to school, summer vacations are coming to an end; the usual signs that demand for bananas is about to take an upwards turn. Only one difference, supply has remained low thru the summer and expected to remain low in the near future. Spot buyers of fruit will start coming out of their summer hideaways to find a surprise, not enough bananas to cover the requirements. Even though Central America and Colombia are expected to have some more fruit available in September the incremental supply is not expected to cover the shortage still reigning in Ecuador.

This will only mean one thing amongst the spot players, smaller shipments and continuing difficulties filling reefer vessels by spot operators.

Shipping by container Lines reduces the risk of dead freights, demurrage due to slow loading on account of lack of fruit and offer the customers the possibility to ship smaller weekly shipments that may fit the current conditions better.

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