China International Marine Containers

China International Marine Containers is a global manufacturer and supplier of transportation equipment such as containers, trailers, tank equipment and airport facilities.

Supplying large products like these, much of CIMC’s products need special equipment when shipping to all corners of the world. And in most cases, Maersk Line is chosen for the job.

“Maersk Line’s reliability is the best in the market, which is a great help for our business”, says Hua “Christina” Jun.

“Also, a big advantage of Maersk is the service mode of “one entry point” – no matter which loading port in the world, we only contact one fixed Sales/Customer service rep, who can serve us or assist to coordinate internally, which give us best customer experience compared with others.”

Time is money

As with all businesses, time is often of the essence and that goes for CIMC as well. Especially because Special Cargo in some cases will need customized solutions, which can result in longer quotation times.

To avoid the risk of delaying the supply chain, CIMC is always looking to improve their processes by shipping their products with the most efficient shipping lines.

“Maersk Line’s quotation speed is the fastest compare with others, especially on the Out of Gauge and Break Bulk business. Another thing is that the majority of vessels are owned and controlled by Maersk Line, which is an advantage to those carriers that share the space“, Hua Jun explains.

Room for improvement

However, even though CIMC is glad to work with Maersk Line Hua Jun wouldn’t be the businesswoman she is if he didn’t have a suggestion to what we could do better in the future.

“I wish Maersk could provide more space or protect our cargo without rolling in peak season.”



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