Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)

The Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) is to be issued to all persons requiring unescorted access to a regulated marine terminal or aboard a regulated vessel.  This program is scheduled to begin the enrollment process at ten designated ports in March of 2007 with a completion date for all U.S. ports within 18 months.

Those affected include truck drivers, railroad engineers, and longshore workers, among others. Depending on the definition of "secure site," TWIC requirements could potentially affect some shipper employees, such as warehouse workers.

Transportation workers across all modes may be required to have the cards, which will use personal information to positively identify workers. Use of such hard-to-fake information and technology features such as holographic overlays are meant to make the credentials as close to tamper-proof as possible.

Although the card reader requirements are not being implemented at this time, the Coast Guard will institute periodic unannounced checks to confirm the identity of the holder of the TWIC.

These TWIC cards will not initially support biometric operations, but the TWIC cards will be functional with certain existing access control systems in use at ports today.

For more information, visit the Transportation Worker Identification Credential page on the Transportation Security Administration website.