U.S. Customs and Border Protection's "C-TPAT" Program

Customs Trade - Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) is a joint initiative between U.S. Customs & Border Protection and importers, terminal operators, carriers and others in the supply chain focusing on security procedures, physical security, personnel security, education and training awareness, cargo manifest security and conveyance security.

Maersk Line, Maersk Logistics, Maersk Customs Services, Inc. (Customs House Brokerage), APM Terminals and Bridge Terminal Transport Trucking became the first enterprise-wide transportation organization to complete the Customs validation process for the liner, logistics, terminals and trucking functions, conducted in the USA, Europe and Indonesia.

The benefits of Maersk’s participation in C-TPAT are twofold:

1. A more secure supply chain for our customers
2. Reduced inspections by Customs

Maersk Line SVI Numbers:
Maersk Line: apmSea00355
Maersk Logistics: maeCon00561
APM Terminals: apmPor02178
Bridge Terminal Transport: briNor00347
Maersk Customs Services: 57f73ae2-8e36-492e-b5f0-4a92735ad9e4

C-TPAT Certificates

APM Terminals C-TPAT Certificate
Bridge Terminal Transport C-TPAT Certificate
Maersk Line C-TPAT Certificate
Maersk Logistics C-TPAT Certificate 

Please refer to the following link for additional information:

C-TPAT Supply Chain Security Best Practices Catalog

Maersk is also a member of PIP (Partners In Protection), a program thru Canadian Customs.