My Settings


Once you are logged in to your account you will be directed to this screen. In order to update “My Settings”, please move your cursor over your name on the top right corner of your screen. Next, you will see a small screen pop up displaying information about you and your company. When you scroll down on the small pop up display, you will see “My Settings” link. Please proceed to click on the link.


The first item on the "User Settings" page is the Units, here you can select how you want weight and volume to be displayed. The second item is “Business focus”. This will determine your view criteria on “My shipments” page, based on the selection made by you between “Export” view and “Import” view. If you are primarily an export customer, then you would want to select the “Export” radio button. If you are primarily an import customer or a consignee then you would select “Import” radio button. If data is sorted by “Export” filter, shipments will be displayed by “booking number” and “booked by customer”; similarly shipments will be displayed by “bill of lading”, “container number” and “consignee” if sorted by “Import” filter. This selection will ensure display of filtered data as per your preference on “My Shipments” page.


The last item on the “User settings” page is “Permissions”. This is just a view and shows user’s level of access to New The ability to view rates at the time of booking is a new functionality on New This permission determines whether or not you can view certain information.


See rates” is currently not checked for user on the access list. In order to view contract rates in booking, the user would require additional permission. User profile would require further update for rates visibility. Your “Customer care business partner” or “Live help” can assist with additional permission requests.


Once you have made all the necessary selections as per your preference, please proceed to click on “Save settings”. A pop up message “Settings successfully updated” will confirm all the steps are completed from your end.


You are now ready to explore and use “My Maersk Line” for all your daily business needs..