ETA Notification

You never want to hear that your cargo has been delayed, but with proactive notification that a delay has occurred, you can plan for the change without impacting your supply chain or facing any additional costs.
Welcome to Maersk Line ETA Notification.

Have you ever sent a truck to pick up a container that didn’t arrive? Has your supply chain ever stalled because you weren’t advised of changes to the shipment? To help you avoid these disruptions, Maersk Line is pleased to offer ETA Notifications, proactive communications, via email, informing you any time there is a change to the estimated arrival time of your precious cargo.

This email notification will include your affected shipment number, container number and a new, estimated time of arrival so that you can adjust your production schedule accordingly or make alternate arrangements, if necessary. ETA notifications are customizable so that you only get the notifications you want, when you want them.

Register for ETA notifications today and rest assured, Maersk Line has you covered.

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