Eliminate the headache of dealing with complex online booking systems with the new Maersk Line online booking application. Simple, intuitive and fast; you’ll wish everyone had it this easy.

Where’s the value in booking online when the system is so difficult to use that you end up frustrated? Booking shipments online should be easy, we agree. Customers have indicated they need a simplified and more intuitive online booking process. A simplified process means eliminating the headache of having to spend time training employees on complex online tools, helping you reduce administrative costs, and allowing employees to focus time on more beneficial tasks.

Welcome to the new Maersk Line online booking application. With fewer fields, and an advanced, intuitive type ahead feature, you’ll not only save time and gain efficiencies, you may just find that headache disappear too!

By using Maersk Line’s online booking application, you can also receive your booking confirmation faster than ever before, allowing you to get on with your day knowing that your supply chain is smoothly moving forward, not hung up waiting to hear from your carrier.

With the new duplicate booking feature, you can speed up the process even further by replicating existing bookings in the system rather than having to start from scratch. Headache – gone.

Click here to make a booking and experience the new and improved Ecommerce for you.

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Interactive Instructions

Step 1

Please note you must register for a Username before you can proceed, Click here to see instructions on how to register online for a Username.

Step 2

Select or enter your customer code and click "Select".

Step 3

Click on "Book New Shipment" under "Book" at the top, if you would like to create a duplicate booking from previously made booking you can click on "Duplicate booking" otherwise click on Book

Step 4

Next step is to input your information in the booking:

From and To: Enter your origin and destination cities. Check any of the relevent boxes if your have any Special Conditions. Select your commodity, container type and weight. You can add multiple container types and commodities by clicking on the "Add another container type/commodity" If you have a Service Contract put it in the "Service Contract no.*" section, if you don't have a service contract,then leave it blank for tariff rates. Click on "Continue" to goto the next step.

Step 5

Now you can enter in your Booking Details. Select the contact person for this booking. Your Reference is just a way to remind you of the booking later. Select your depature date under the Schedule section. Enter in your Haulage Details, and any additional hazardous, temperature details. Fill out all the information in Parties, you can add references from here as well. When you are done filling out all the details, click on "Book Shipment" on the right. It will ask you to agree with our terms, just click "Place Booking" when you have read and agree, and you're done!

Video Instructions