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Freight Release
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ACH Credit
Day of Bank Receipt
ACH Credit Banking information

ePayment in MyFinance
Up to 4hrs after transaction
ePayment Information

ePayment Registration

Wire Transfer
Up to 4hrs after bank deposit
Wire Transfer Banking Information

Credit Card (Demurrage & Detention Only)
Please call 877-699-9444
Demurrage: Option 1
Detention: Option 5
Credit Card Payment Option

Paper Check
up to 5 pm EST
Maersk Line, Payment Services
9300 Arrowpoint Blvd, 3rd Floor
Charlotte,  NC 28273
Paper Check Payment Option

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your payment services representative at

Freight Release Requirements
Export Shipments
Satisfied Payment Payment Options
Document release instructions Documentation Types (please refer below)
Import Shipments
Satisfied Payment Payment Options
Surrender of OBL Documentation Types
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Frequently Asked Questions


Release Location
Initial Cost to you
Seaway Bills*
Transport Document used for consignment; No original  Transport Document is needed for cargo release at destination
Original transport documents are released in electronic format with Maersk Line electronic signature.  A verify copy is released for review and to make necessary amendments prior to issuance of originals

Courier Release
Originals transport documents are issued and sent via overnight courier sevice. Prior to delivery, a verify copy is issued for review and to make necessary amendments prior to issuance of originals
USD  25

Electonic Cargo Release
Also known as a TELEX or EXPRESS release. This option allows cargo to be released at destination upon proof of identity of the consignee without presentation of physical Transport document.  All three (3) original B/Ls must be surrendered to local Maersk Line office
USD 50

*Some locations may not except SEAWAY bills
**Maersk Security Paper is required.  Please contact local Export Customer Service Representatives