Cargo Tracking

Shipment Binder - Every detail of a shipment located in a single place!
 Search for a single shipment, bill number or container number to find all the relevant shipment details including booking and documentation details, container information, transport plan, price information, and links to related documents.
The shipment binder also contains all relevant actions related to the shipment lifecycle.
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Manage your shipments using "My Shipments"
 Under My Maersk Line, select My Shipments, to view all of your current, future and past shipments.
The fastest way to find a shipment is to browse the shipment overview. The "All" tab provides the complete overview of all your shipments.  We also have advance filters for you to use to limit your view for only those shipments you are interested in tracking.  
It is also possible to search for a specific shipment from here as well.
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ETA Notification
 You never want to hear that your cargo has been delayed, but with proactive notification that a delay has occurred, you can plan for the change without impacting your supply chain or facing any additional costs. Click Here and Sign up today.

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