Submit Shipping Instructions
Five step wizard is introduced to make sending shipping instructions easier.
Automatic copy of data for multiple containers avoids retyping. Selection of parties is optimized by enabling of recent parties used. Charges are displayed to specify payment terms by group or separately with detailed break down. Indicative preview of final document is presented to check if everything is entered correctly.  

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Documentation Overview
Documentation Overview has separate views designed to help you manage your documentation through the process from submit shipping instructions, to approve or amend verify copies , and finally for those shipments ready for print.   Maersk line also has a view called  “Awaiting Maersk Line”  that shows all your shipments with Maersk Line, the action that is pending and the expectation as to when Maersk Line will have it complete.
Click here to access MaerskLine web print agreement form. 
Click here to access Multi-brand [Maersk Line, Safmarine, Sealand] web print agreement form.  

Shipment Binder - Every detail of a shipment located in a single place!
Search for a single shipment, bill number or container number to find all the relevant shipment details including booking and documentation details, container information, transport plan, price information, and links to related documents.
The shipment binder also contains all relevant actions related to the shipment lifecycle.

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