Maersk Line has a long tradition for contributing to the communities in which we operate.

With a global presence in over 120 countries, Maersk Line recognise that we play an important role in the communities where we operate e.g. through job creation, capacity building and as an enabler of more efficient trade flows. As a result, we also have a long tradition for contributing to the communities in which we operate and we are generally committed to supporting causes where we can leverage our unique skills and assets as a global shipping company to make a real difference.

Maersk Line will generally give priority to projects that supports the global nature of our business and promotes our vision of creating opportunities in global commerce. As Maersk Line receives many more requests for support than we can accommodate, we have identified three global themes that we wish to promote through our donation and sponsorship activities:

Disaster Relief

Disaster relief & preparedness

We will give priority to projects that help alleviate the impact of natural disasters and increase access to essential goods and services for impacted communities.

Environmental protection

We will give priority to projects that help protect the environment and the natural resource base on which we, our customers and our local communities depend, with a particular emphasis on the world's oceans.

Empowering for trade

We will give priority to projects that encourage new social and economic opportunities for underprivileged communities through global and regional trade

Maersk Line will give priority to projects that involve our key customers and reputable third party organisations and NGOs. Donations and sponsorships to individuals will only be considered in exceptional circumstances and when the individual in question is associated with a reputable third party organisation.

All decisions on donations will be made with consideration  to the Maersk Group’ company's reputation and values :
      » Our Group Core Values

      » The Maersk Policy on Anti-corruption

All inquiries for support will need to be completed via » request form

Kindly fill the form and send it to donotions@maersk.com. All applicants should expect to receive a response to their request within 30 working days.

Please note that Maersk Line will not accept donation or sponsorship requests via personal emails or in hard copies and that all applicants will need to fill out a request form.