Maersk Line helps AgroFair win sustainability award.

On 20 March 2012 it was announced that AgroFair, a pioneer in sustainable fresh produce and fruit ingredients, had won the ‘2012 Coop Natura Award’ in the category of ‘Food’. An award that AgroFair took big pride in receiving, and rightly so.
The Natura Award is given by Coop to express their special appreciation to their partners for sustainable services and innovation. As the most sustainable retailer in the world Coop sets the bar high as they strive to increase innovation and sustainability in their supply chain.

So why did AgroFair win?

It’s the culmination of many years of dedicated work in the field of sustainability that led to AgroFair claiming the Natura Award. In 1996, AgroFair was first to introduce Fairtrade bananas from Ecuador on the European market, and in 1997 Coop included AgroFair bananas in their product range.

The bananas were later followed by Fairtrade mangoes, Fairtrade pineapples and Fairtrade citrus fruit.

However, what’s maybe the most remarkable thing about AgroFair is that 35% of the company is owned by the farmers themselves. Currently, the AgroFair production areas are in Central America, South America and Africa.

The role of Maersk Line

After receiving the award, Karin Sluiter of AgroFair emailed us about the news, underlining that Maersk Line played no small part in this.

“Maersk Line has played an important role for us on two fronts,” she later explained. “First, we’re using their StarCare containers that were developed exactly for the transportation of bananas over longer distances. Without those containers we would simply struggle to maintain the quality and ripeness of our products.”

“Secondly, I also need to praise Maersk Line’s service level. In order to be successful in our line of business you’re dependent on the expertise – and accessibility – of your business partners. And Maersk Line has proven to be exceptional. They really do go that extra mile for us.”



Fairtrade food production 


Barendrecht, The Netherlands

Key products:

Bananas and pineapple

FLO certified, Global GAB certified  


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