The big picture

Auckland to Rotterdam? No problem!
Our global network can handle and transport your
goods safely and on time to your desired



We cover the world through our vast network of
shippping services, each of which interlink with eachother.


We have 3.800.000 TEU* of containers

TEU =Twenty foot Equivalent Unit


Our fleets calls
300 ports

Our customers serve clients all over the world, and therefore we are present in every major port from Dutch Harbour in Alaska to Port Chalmers on the Southern tip of New Zealand.

Through our vast feeder network we even cover most minor ports throughout the world.


Our fleet has the capacity to move
1.000.000 containers 1.000 km each week.


35.000 Port calls

On a yearly basis we make 35.000 port calls, equivalent to four port calls every hour.


is an opportunity

It doesn't matter having a vast network, if the goods is not delivered on time.

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"We feel confident setting a new target for 2020: a 40% reduction of CO2 emissions per container-kilometre."

In Maersk Line, we have gone from record losses in one year (2009) to record profits in the next (2010) and the last two years have also been highly volatile. Changing this is a priority for Maersk Line; stable satisfactory financial results are a must for any business. Given our role in global trade, we also believe that societies and markets would be better served by a container shipping industry that is less volatile and more financially sustainable.

In 2012 we have taken important steps to bring Maersk Line on a path to sustainable profitable growth. For example, we have managed our capacity to better match the demand in the market and we have reduced our costs through an ongoing focus on energy efficiency.