Dry cargo

Dry Cargo containers

With approximately 3.4 million TEU container units of every size and type, Maersk Line has a container to suit your needs. 

Our fleet of modern Maersk Line containers has an average age of less than six years and a stringent maintenance programme ensures they are always ready for service. Each container in our fleet meets the Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) standards.

Dry freight containers

Our dry containers come in several sizes and designs:
  • 20’ with payload up to 28.2 metric tons.
  • 40’ 8’ 6” with payload up to 28.8 metric tons.
  • 45’ 9’ 6” high with a total capacity of 85 cubic metres.

We offer various types of extra equipment:
  • Hanger beams which allow transport of garments on hangers without further packing.
  • Lashing bars and lashing rings to give your cargo additional securit.

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  • 20' standard - steel

    This is the smallest of our dry containers. However, it still carries a payload of up to 28.2 metric tonnes and has a total capacity of 33 m3 (1170 ft3). It measures 20' x 8' x 8.6'.
  • 40' standard - steel

    This is the most common of our dry containers. It’s twice as long as the 20' and has a payload of a bit more, being able to carry up to 28.8 metric tonnes. The total capacity of this container is 67 m3 (2366 ft3). It measures 40’x8’x8.6.
  • 40' high - steel

    Our 40' high dry container has the same basic features as the 40' standard except for having a little extra room in the internal height. This provides you with a higher total capacity of 76 m3 (2684 ft3), while the payload remains the same with a maximum of 28.6 metric tonnes. It measures 40' x 8' x 9.6'.
  • 45' high - steel

    This is the biggest of our dry steel containers. With added height and length compared to our standard containers it has a total capacity of 85 m3 (3036 ft3). The maximum payload is up to 27.7 metric tonnes and it measures 45' x 8' x 9.6'.