Winternational B.V.

Winternational B.V. is a newly established Netherlands based company specialising in the purchase and resale of all types of used containers.

Building a stronger partnership together

“Whilst requiring such a wide variety of (used) equipment the decision to team up with another global player was easily made. Maersk Lines, and in particular the Antwerp office, has therefore been providing the vast majority of our needs, much to our appreciation we’re proud to say. 

We feel that flexibility and continuity are in our opinion key on today’s markets. Maersk Line has been able to offer just that. Their ability to deliver the required quantities and varieties of units at any given location has led to the fact that the team of Maersk Lines Used Containers and Winternational B.V., the Netherlands are in fact, creating global opportunities.”

Danny de Winter
Winternational B.V., Netherlands



Used Container trading


Rotterdam, Netherlands



Number of employees: