Flowers on Waves AB

Flowers on Waves is a transporting company, specialised in the transport of cut flowers from Africa to Europe.

The interesting thing about their business model is of course their use – as the company name suggests – of sea freight as the sole way of moving the flowers from A to B.
But how is that even possible? How do they keep the flowers fresh over such a long stretch of time?

"The main thing is to keep a steady temperature," explains Oliver von Kauffmann, director at Flower on Waves. "But we also use a special gel, which gives the cut flowers the necessary moisture and nourishment and prevents bacteria from developing."

The incentive for using sea transport rather than air transport is clear for Flowers on Waves. Not only, explains Oliver von Kauffmann, is the price significantly lower – the outlet of CO2 per shipment is 150 times as big when you transport by air.

But there's more to it than that. Watch this video to learn more about Flower on Waves' reason for choosing Maersk Line.



Perishable food production


Hallvägen, Sweden

Offices worldwide:

Sweden & Kenya

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