Inland Haulage

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Inland haulage includes transportation from vendors to the port of shipment, and from discharge port to the point of stripping the ocean container by truck and/or rail.

We ensure that your products are moved at the right time to the right place. Whatever your need for inland transportation, you can count on us to deliver an effective and cost efficient
inland haulage service.

Our offering includes: 

  • Multiple modes of transport
  • Large network of quality transport providers
  • Constant monitoring and quality assurance
  • Timely pick-up and delivery
  • One-stop-shopping combining your land and ocean
    transport needs 

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For Import:
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for Customer Service Import Management

for imports of Dry containers worldwide (except inner-European)

for imports of Reefershipments, Coffee-/Cocoa-/Tobacco-/Dried fruits-/Nut-shipments, US Military business (except inner-European)

for Keyclients (Forwarder, Retail segment & Automotive)

For Export:
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for Customer Service Export Management         
Phone +49 40 23 52 1599

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